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Leadership is the single most important ingredient needed to develop a thriving and successful region. The future of the greater Fort Smith area is more dependent than ever on our leaders’ quality, commitment, and ability to work together.

Leadership Fort Smith alumni are committed to developing networks and leadership within the community; facilitating community involvement through continuing education; and promoting awareness of issues, challenges and opportunities confronting our region.


  • Offer affordable renewal leadership training and development for alumni
  • Continue to recognize leaders in our region
  • Increase scholarship support for Leadership Fort Smith applicants
  • Continue financial and resource support for the Leadership Fort Smith program
  • Continue to improve our Education & Outreach Programs: Opinion Shapers speaker series and regional issues Mini-Sessions
  • Improve and expand our Communications resources: alumni newsletter, Class contacts, alumni directory, website and social media outlets
  • Provide more networking opportunities for alumni
  • Increase the percentage of Leadership Fort Smith graduates who are dues-paying members of the alumni association.

Each year Leadership Fort Smith selects a class of 25 individuals to participate in the Leadership Fort Smith program, focusing on key community issues and leadership skills.

Year Name
1990 Hazel Evans
1991 Nancy Orr
1992 Ross Pendergraft
1993 David Olive
1994 Sandi Sanders
1996 Robert E. Miller
1997 Ray Baker
1998 Jim Spears
1999 Josie Decker
2000 Joel Stubblefield
2001 Benny Gooden
2002 Robert A. Young III
2003 Carter Hunt
2004 Charles Shuffield
2005 Roland S. Boreham Jr.
2006 Dorothy Rappeport
2007 Don Flanders
2008 Edward “Sandy” Sanders
2009 Mark Rumsey
2010 Sister Judith Marie Keith
2011 Philip Merry
2012 Sam M. Sicard (posthumously)
2013 Melody Trimble Sparks
2014 Ivy Owen
2015 Colonel Mark Anderson
2016 Steve Clark
2017 Sam T. Sicard
2018 Dr. Jerry Stewart (posthumously)
2019 Jason Green

Business and Industry

2002 Luke Gordy
2004 Richard Griffin
2006 Jim Hanna
2007 Mark B. Rumsey
2008 Fred Williams
2009 John McFarland
2010 Carl D. Corley
2011 William H. Hanna
2012 Bennie Westphal
2013 Jason Green
2014 Charles Warren
2015 Doug Babb


2002 Wayne Haver
2003 Randy Bridges
2004 Brenda Sellers
2005 Ray Martin
2006 Sharon Blentlinger
2007 Jo Harper
2008 Sharon A. Ellis Ed.D.
2009 Pam Seibenmorgen
2010 Dr. Paul B. Beran
2011 Cathy Williams
2012 Stacey Jones
2013 Jo Alice Blondin
2014 Dr. Marta Loyd
2015 Ken Fletcher


2002 Paul Larcade
2003 Bill Harding
2004 Randy Reed
2005 Dan Reikes
2006 R. “Bud” Harper
2007 Steve Parke
2008 Richard J. O’Connell
2009 Shirl Page
2010 Tracy Winchell
2011 Col. Thomas I. Anderson
2012 None
2013 Mark Hewett
2014 Chief Kevin Lindsey
2015 Judge David Saxon


2002 Kent Jones
2003 Cathy Williams
2004 Dan Richardson
2005 Cathy Gifford
2006 Peggy Weidman
2007 Philip H. Merry Jr.
2008 Claude W. Legris
2009 John Furness
2010 John Jeter
2011 Jennifer Goodson
2012 Rick Foti
2013 Linda Kaufenberg
2014 Julie Moncrief
2015 Charlotte Tidwell

Health Care

2002 Jerry Stewart
2003 James Burgess
2004 Carolyn McKelvey Moore
2006 Dr. Calline Ellis
2007 Jennifer Kistler
2008 Larry C. Price MD
2009 Margaret Tremwel MD
2010 Carol A. Martin
2011 Dr. John Hoffman
2012 Dr. Larry Pierce
2013 Dr. Sandy Johnson
2014 Dr. Kris L. Gast MD
2015 Dr. Nasser Adjei MD


2004 Msgr. Royce Thomas
2005 Reverend Dr. Randy Mullikin
2006 Reverend Bob McGuire
2007 Reverend Don Hutchings
2008 Reverend A.J. Parish
2009 Dr. Ken Hamilton
2010 Pastor Kemp C. Holden Jr.
2011 Rev. Dr. Jeff Crawford
2012 Dr. Edward A. Saucier
2013 Pastor Dale Thompson
2014 Rev. Jim Files
2015 Rev. Kevin Thompson